What should I bring to your training event?

An authorized copy of Sketchup Make (Free) or a trial version of Sketchup Pro on your computer for beginner users . Advanced users will need Sketchup Pro & Layout installed. If you are a student, Sketchup offers a one year license for $49, which is an offer too good to refuse. Also don't forget your laptop chargers. You must also have a three button mouse with a scroll wheel that depresses.

How many people will participate at a typical event?

A minimum of 3 participants & a maximum of 6 participants. It's hands on training. We will be working with you individually regularly throughout the day as you work with Sketchup yourself. We want you to encounter any hurdles you might come across & surmount them quickly with timely interventions.

Is lunch provided?

Yes, lunch will be provided in order to keep the class on schedule & learning effective. The cost of lunch will be included with your sign up.

What happens if I need to cancel an event I've signed up for?

Things happen, we understand. Approximately 30% of the cost of your sign up is attributed to reserving an event venue well in advance of a particular event. You will be entitled to receive an 70% refund of your sign up sum upon cancellation. Allow 7 business days for refunds to be processed. Your charge and/or refund will be listed under (Simplysketchup)

Why we swear by the live training format

Sketchup is a very intuitive program. Becoming familiar with the initial tiny steps are essential to gain confidence in its concepts. They are very subtle innovations in how you operate a mouse for instance, that are easily grasped by having an experienced trainer 'hover' behind you during mastering the few simple core tools & methods of Sketchup. Here at Simply Sketchup, we understand the importance of hands on training that will enable you to skip through the time consuming simple aspects of Sketchup that stifle many beginners. There is no need for that. Sketchup is intuitive & as simple as can be & we're here to demonstrate that anyone can do Sketchup & most certainly, you can.

Can students get a price break?

Yes, we are always happy to see students get a jump start on design knowledge. There is no better way than Sketchup to actually illustrate you have genuine design chops. Upon presentation fo your student ID, you are eligible for a 25% discount from Simply Sketchup. You will need to sign up, then present your ID at the training event to receive a reimbursement of 25%.

Which design professions does Sketchup apply to?

Sketchup is relevant & important to a wide range of design professions. Listing the most prominent would be, Architects, Interior Designers, Millwork designers, Landscape architects, Film & animation producers, Gaming environment creators, Brand creators, Exhibit creators, Solar power designers, 3D printing enthusiasts. Even Patent illustrators use Sketchup to precisely illustrate design concepts for regulatory filings with style and professionalism.