Houston Training Event - Saturday April 14th at the Holiday Inn Express Houston Medical Center / March 24, 2018 / by Mukundrai Patel

We had discovery & excitement in spades at the Houston training event on April 14th, 2018. An unusually cold day for Houston at this time of year made it all the more fun being in a warm well functioning space.

We had a mechanical engineer from Schlumberger & two interior designers from the Clear Lake. We were sorry to see Andrea who was due to be driving in from Bastrop for the event fell sick a couple of days before the event. The participants although beginners in Sketchup had plenty prior knowledge of other design programs. The familiar & some not so familiar. However, this fact translated into a semi advanced class as they all displayed a positive aptitude to geometry and working methods.

The interior designers were wanting to move away from Autocad, as they had been with it for 15 years. They tried Revit, but it fell by the wayside as seeming insurmountable. They had seen a Facebook Ad about Sketchup & investigated further into what Sketchup was.

Well, they not only found Sketchup, they found local training to get a jump start on a new design platform. They left the class thoroughly invigorated to work in Sketchup for production drawings. Layout is a tool that comes built in to Sketchup & is akin to 'paper space' in other programs. It is nonetheless, a unique way to quickly get design work into a printable or email format, in color & with style. Sketchup/Layout drawings don't look like AutoCad drawings. That difference is built right in to the core of the software.

In, summary, we welcomed you, it was a pleasure to personally meet one another & you participated eagerly & with in depth, sometimes complex questions that provided me with an acute sense of what people are looking for their design software to perform and how efficient that could be in their particular field of work.