Houston Training Event - Saturday February 17th at the Holiday Inn Express Houston Medical Center / by Mukundrai Patel

Whenever a training session ends, it's bewildering to us how our meeting the participants is an exercise in gaining happiness. It's the variety of their backgrounds, aspirations & colorful personalities that illuminate training events on a regular basis. We want to make Sketchup easy & the initial part of the day is spent learning the ways to achieve that outcome.

At this event we had an enthusiastic Venezuelan gentleman with a career steeped in marine vessel control & instrumentation design. Now, that's not a profession I'd ever considered one might associate with Sketchup. Yet, he was using Sketchup to draw his craft to his companies customers. However, I can safely say he was amazed at the things we learned together that is going to make his Sketchup operation a whole lot easier & quicker.

Next we had a charming interior designer from Flagstaff, Arizona. The happy & unlikely coincidence being that her father, an architect in Houston had designed the hotel venue that we were holding the event at. I hope the training left her with a sense of empowerment to take up Sketchup with a new vigor to produce work. She gets to live in Sedona, which is a beautiful spot in our land. I'm jealous just remembering the memories of having visited many times whilst studying at ASU a very long time ago.

Last but not least we had an engaging Landscape Designer from Houston who attended the class to see if Sketchup was an appropriate tool to take some design burden off their shoulders at their growing landscape firm. We shared Vali architects plugins for Sketchup that awe the participants each time they are demonstrated. I'd urge anyone to look up this bright mind. Sketchup has an amazing set of plugins which are mostly free & once discovered, makes the design life a whole bunch easier.

Lunchtime was at Whole Foods & boy was it needed. Thank you everyone for a great & productive training event. It was our pleasure to serve you & as always, we are available for your questions far into the future with any issues you encounter with Sketchup. We do this because we love Sketchup as much as we say we do.