Houston Training Event - Saturday April 14th at the Holiday Inn Express Houston Medical Center / March 24, 2018 by Mukundrai Patel

We had discovery & excitement in spades at the Houston training event on April 14th, 2018. An unusually cold day for Houston at this time of year made it all the more fun being in a warm well functioning space.

We had a mechanical engineer from Schlumberger & two interior designers from the Clear Lake. We were sorry to see Andrea who was due to be driving in from Bastrop for the event fell sick a couple of days before the event. The participants although beginners in Sketchup had plenty prior knowledge of other design programs. The familiar & some not so familiar. However, this fact translated into a semi advanced class as they all displayed a positive aptitude to geometry and working methods.

The interior designers were wanting to move away from Autocad, as they had been with it for 15 years. They tried Revit, but it fell by the wayside as seeming insurmountable. They had seen a Facebook Ad about Sketchup & investigated further into what Sketchup was.

Well, they not only found Sketchup, they found local training to get a jump start on a new design platform. They left the class thoroughly invigorated to work in Sketchup for production drawings. Layout is a tool that comes built in to Sketchup & is akin to 'paper space' in other programs. It is nonetheless, a unique way to quickly get design work into a printable or email format, in color & with style. Sketchup/Layout drawings don't look like AutoCad drawings. That difference is built right in to the core of the software.

In, summary, we welcomed you, it was a pleasure to personally meet one another & you participated eagerly & with in depth, sometimes complex questions that provided me with an acute sense of what people are looking for their design software to perform and how efficient that could be in their particular field of work.

Houston Training Event - Saturday February 17th at the Holiday Inn Express Houston Medical Center by Mukundrai Patel

Whenever a training session ends, it's bewildering to us how our meeting the participants is an exercise in gaining happiness. It's the variety of their backgrounds, aspirations & colorful personalities that illuminate training events on a regular basis. We want to make Sketchup easy & the initial part of the day is spent learning the ways to achieve that outcome.

At this event we had an enthusiastic Venezuelan gentleman with a career steeped in marine vessel control & instrumentation design. Now, that's not a profession I'd ever considered one might associate with Sketchup. Yet, he was using Sketchup to draw his craft to his companies customers. However, I can safely say he was amazed at the things we learned together that is going to make his Sketchup operation a whole lot easier & quicker.

Next we had a charming interior designer from Flagstaff, Arizona. The happy & unlikely coincidence being that her father, an architect in Houston had designed the hotel venue that we were holding the event at. I hope the training left her with a sense of empowerment to take up Sketchup with a new vigor to produce work. She gets to live in Sedona, which is a beautiful spot in our land. I'm jealous just remembering the memories of having visited many times whilst studying at ASU a very long time ago.

Last but not least we had an engaging Landscape Designer from Houston who attended the class to see if Sketchup was an appropriate tool to take some design burden off their shoulders at their growing landscape firm. We shared Vali architects plugins for Sketchup that awe the participants each time they are demonstrated. I'd urge anyone to look up this bright mind. Sketchup has an amazing set of plugins which are mostly free & once discovered, makes the design life a whole bunch easier.

Lunchtime was at Whole Foods & boy was it needed. Thank you everyone for a great & productive training event. It was our pleasure to serve you & as always, we are available for your questions far into the future with any issues you encounter with Sketchup. We do this because we love Sketchup as much as we say we do.

Sketchup & Layout Training event in San Antonio: December 2nd, 2017 at the Courtyard by Marriott, Stone Oak North by Mukundrai Patel

San Antonio is such a distinctive city. Beautiful roads, beautiful rolling hills (with large rocks).

Three interior designers joined us for the training event in San Antonio. They are now happily producing professional work in Sketchup. One knows how this happens. We receive questions about particular Sketchup methods of designing. Working in 2D & 3D simultaneously demonstrate the rugged ability of Sketchup to take on the most challenging design & presentation tasks. We are happy to answer participant questions throughout the course of their carriers & encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.

Unfortunately, on the way back from San Antonio to Houston, I hit upon an unexpected snag. Driving down a wooded hill in the dark wasn't on my plan of action, but I participated none the less. Fortunate to have myself intact & the vehicle taking most of the brunt, I am elated to announce that I am grateful for fate sparing me any personal detriment.

We wish everyone a Happy Christmas & a wonderful coming year.

Sketchup & Layout Training event in Dallas: November 4th, 2017 at the Aloft Hotel Dallas Love Field by Mukundrai Patel

The DFW area is a megapolis with style. There's growth everywhere one casts their eyes. Frisco, McKinney, Plano. Just amazing how the metroplex has kept its distinct design flavor intact.  Sketchup has a place in DFW. Four out of six Sketchup training events in Texas have been demanded by the design professionals serving DFW. However, the participants at the event were from Andrews, TX (8 hour drive), Daphne, Alabama & Frisco, TX. They were fantastic students & hard working folk.

At Simply Sketchup, we cannot imagine the dedication to learning new ways of working by designers everywhere. That's why we are surprised there hasn't been more interest from the other large urban centers in Texas. We're waiting.

One participant is a lovable interior designer working on new hotels in the Southern states. Interior design in Sketchup is a breeze. As an architect, I couldn't  imagine a better vehicle for creating a creative or commercial theme. Painting in Sketchup is versatile and rapid.  We explored the ways Sketchup can inform the aesthetic design of a product & ultimately it's direction in to the real world. Excel, word & numerous other formats are readily transportable in to Sketchup/ Layout for deployment in the field.

Another participant is a Zero energy home designer, already familiar with the Sketchup interface. However, there were some key elements of Sketchup that were alien to his practice. I know he went home after the training event with glee in the knowledge that design tasks were going to become much easier. I salute Armando for being a responsible  patron in our design community. Astoundingly or not, Armando refuses design jobs that are not truly energy efficient. That's a first & just admirable This is where the future of clean living gets built.

There's more to Sketchup than one hears about. It's the taming of the creative mind into showing what it's taming. I hope more of Texas gets to share & use the genius that is Sketchup.

Sketchup @ Halliburton HQ in Houston, Texas September 29th, 2017 by Mukundrai Patel

Dear Sketchup enthusiasts,

We were called to Halliburton HQ in Houston for a Sketchup training event. We accepted the challenge of a multi national enquiring about what Sketchup can do in their workplace. Now, understand that these are designers interacting with almost every country on earth. They have design tasks to fulfill & oil prices are imminently rising, apparentlyThe Halliburton crew were engineers at heart. Which is generally, a good state to be in for today's world.

The task at hand was to see if we could speed up design work by using Sketchup's intuitive power to draw things quickly rather than in 'Etch-a-Sketch' mode. Autocad. Yes! Not really. The time it takes to work Etch-a-Sketch would drive a person to social security in a hurry.

Now, Sketchup is not for everyone, It's for the open minded & consequently, curious. . There's a different way to design that is more relatable to the way humans think & create. Halliburton is not alone in this quick sand, it's an industry wide phenomenon of brokering aesthetic design vs. pipeline management in a time squeeze.

The Halliburton Sketchup training event was more technically involved than prevalent training curriculum. After all, these engineers are taking on design tasks from over the globe. They were years steeped in engineering, yet I think grasped the intuitive nature of Sketchup. Thinking differently, requires bravery of a different sort. One musters to lay down down the arms of their previous knowledge to incorporate a more tactile design process. Engineers are smart people, generally. It was a fantastic day for Simply Sketchup to lay the groundwork for improved efficiency & joy in design work. I salute Engineering!

Sketchup & Layout Advanced Training on Sept. 16th at Millwork Solutions Limited in Mansfield, Texas by Mukundrai Patel

The event in Mansfield, a fast growing town just south of Fort Worth was attended by 4 participants. Together Robin, Clyde, Donna & Joanne who comprise of the tremendous design team at Millwork Solutions. This company designs, manufactures & installs cabinetry in throughout Texas & neighboring states.

The owner of the company contacted us with concerns regarding how long it took to produce shop drawings for review from Sketchup for professionals in the building industry.. Prior to the Sketchup training event, all Sketchup 3d cabinetry was exported into AutoCad & then noted up in sheet sets in paperspace. Time & consequently company resources were being drained at the approval end of the process of manufacturing cabinetry.

So, we took a whole day to go over the in's & out's of Layout, which is the 'paperspace' equivalent to AutoCad. I'm thrilled to report, after just two weeks, the design team at Millwork Solutions produced their first big project entirely within Sketchup & Layout in an extremely efficient manner. Well done guys, I'm personally proud of you.

The amazing end of this bargain however, was a visit to the millwork shop prior to the training event. We kid you not, these talented people produce cabinets in Sketchup with a plug in called Cabinet Sense. This plugin, produces 3d sketchup cabinetry using the dynamic component tools of the Sketchup framework. These models get fed straight into a CNC cutting  machine & ZAP!, everything is cut, doweled & ready for assembly within minutes.

It's hard not to get impressed with computers & machines doing stuff in a tenth of the time it used to take. I think such happenings are on the horizon for us all.

Thank you for checking the post out & I'll post a picture soon, as I'm going to visit the millwork shop again, to learn about how these guys feed it straight into the MACHINE.

One amazing aspectp

DFW training event was a blast! by Mukundrai Patel

Two landscape architects, Brian & Melanie as well as Interior Designers Amber & Dianne participated in the DFW event at the Aloft Hotel on August 19th. It was a pleasure having you at the event both personally & professionally. We venture not to state that we all learned a lot of Sketchup. Simply Sketchup is confident that all the participants will be able to start using Sketchup for whatever they want to create. As we progress with Sketchup, we should note as we stated in person, participants are urged to contact us with any questions they harbor. We are here for the long haul, because we love Sketchup.

Dallas is a great city, especially so for the design oriented. The fabric of this awesome conglomerate of urbanization is astounding. We look forward to visiting anew with an eye toward new entrants to the Sketchup universe or advanced training for recent participants, which hopefully, will be just around the corner.

 Dallas is a grat city & has delightful design in it's DNA

Dallas is a grat city & has delightful design in it's DNA

A great day of learning Sketchup in Houston on Aug 4th, 2017 by Mukundrai Patel

Friday 4th August 2017

Thank you everyone for participating in the very recent Sketchup training event in Houston. I hope the live training format helped in condensing the information in a one day session. Learning to use Sketchup in the simplest possible manner, will I hope encourage you to adopt it into your daily design tasks.

I really enjoyed your individual contributions to the event. Everyone kept pace with the concepts and didn't hesitate to ask questions. That's invaluable to an instructor as it makes confident learning more likely. I encourage you to get in touch with Simply Sketchup with questions as you progress with Sketchup. We're here for the long haul & our fervent wish is to help you with your use of Sketchup to render the design life considerably more efficient & fun.

 Great day of intense learning in Houston. Now you are ready to deploy Sketchup in your daily work.

Great day of intense learning in Houston. Now you are ready to deploy Sketchup in your daily work.